Let’s Serve Our Wounded Warriors

Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of the summer are upon us.  This Friday, Katie Green and I will once again honor our wounded military warriors by hosting the annual radiothon for the Fisher House in Palo Alto. Thanks to you, for the past five years, our Fisher House fundraiser has been the talk of…
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U.S. Nearing Divine Judgment?

The daughter of America’s most famous evangelist, Billy Graham, says God is “clearly warning that His judgment is coming on America, and it’s going to be ugly.” Ann Graham Lotz is calling on Americans to participate in a “Mayday” time of prayer and intercession May 15-23.  She hopes to “delay or soften God’s judgment that…
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Did you notice my last post came true?

Updated Thursday, May 7 Check out my last post.  It is spot on. ISIS is here.  After the attack this weekend at the cartoon contest in Texas, ISIS has now come forward claiming they have 71 terrorists in the U.S. simply awaiting orders to kill Americans. But it’s even worse. Today we learn that FBI…
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ISIS Coming to Homeland?

World Net Daily (WND) is reporting that current and former members of Congress charge that amid ISIS threats to the U.S. homeland, the Obama administration is failing to counter “domestic radicalization” of Muslims and the potential for terrorists to infiltrate the border. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said in…
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Earth Day’s REAL History

“Earth Day has never been a celebration of the beauty and bounty of this awesome terrestrial ball.  It’s always been an assault on man.”–Brian Sussman On April 22, 1970, a trio of radical dreamers established the first Earth Day, an event designed to assault capitalism, free-markets and mankind. The initial concept was conceived by Senator…
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Video – Earth Day Idiots Exposed

Earth Day Radicals Exposed

Must See Film: It’s Easy Being Green…when you have no choice!

This week, as the world “honors” the phony Marxist holiday known as Earth Day, I suggest purchasing a copy the powerfully insightful film, It’s Easy Being Green, When You Have No Choice.  My friend Frank Pinsky is the producer; I am the narrator.  I volunteered my services to Frank because  I believe so strongly in…
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Voting at 16 in San Francisco?

The following was published in the April edition of the Buffalo Gap [Texas] Roundup, a monthly publication. ——————————————– Voting for 16-year-olds? By Brian Sussman San Francisco’s board of supervisors (often referred to as the “board of stupid-visors”) is considering a proposal to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in city elections.  The nutty idea originated…
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His Grace is Sufficient

I received an important email today from a friend who is highly regarded within the international evangelical Christian organization, Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  In his communiqué he shared an email from another YWAM member serving as an ambassador for Christ in Africa.  This dear brother was writing from Nigeria where the Muslim organization, Boko…
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