Better than ever: my Patriot Ribs

Just in time for the Super Bowl!  These ribs are delicious and easy to fix!  Plus, because a barbecue is required complete with beautiful billowing clouds of carbon dioxide, you’ll drive the environmentalists crazy! Each time I published this recipe I receive excellent reviews from all over the world, including lots of folks in Texas…
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The Truth About Christmas in 60-Seconds

Jesus, God’s only begotten son, vacated his right place in heaven, therefore giving up his Godhood, to become one of us!  He was born to a woman named Mary and came to carry out a mission: to make way for the salvation of all humankind. Of course he succeeded!  Jesus died upon a cross, shedding…
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Duh: brains of men and women different

A recent study has shown “for the first time” that the brains of men and women are different. Duh. Anyone with a brain in their head knows that. Consider this scenario from a story I was once told: A guy named Fred is attracted to a woman named Martha. He asks her out to a…
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A Change of Purpose

Many have asked why I have not posted a fresh article on this website for months? The answer is simple: I have been in mourning for my country and reevaluating my purpose.  I fear that as a society we’ve crossed a bridge too far and have entered a sphere in which a multitude of nations…
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Innocent Before Guilty, in America

Our judicial system is certainly imperfect, but remains superior compared to other such charters worldwide, throughout history. Ours is a system based not on emotion, but on evidence. At the foundation of our judicial order is the unique principle that one is wholly innocent until proven guilty. One remains innocent of the charges brought before…
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Is it too late to save America?

At what point will law abiding citizens decide enough is enough, and take action? I don’t know what that action looks like—in fact I fear to think hard about it. But, dear friends, what is happening in this country right now is not in keeping with our founding principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit…
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THE BEST Super Bowl ribs!

Just in time for the Super Bowl!  These ribs are delicious and easy to fix!  Each time I published this recipe I receive excellent reviews from all over the world, including lots of folks in Texas and the Southern U.S.–that’s a huge compliment because those patriots know their barbecue. Click here for the recipe!

Everything you need to know about the green agenda

Greetings Mark Levin listeners! As you know, my speciality is taking apart the arguments made by those pushing the green agenda. I’ve put together a handy list of my most popular articles, all of which should provide you with the factual ammunition necessary to convincingly win arguments with those committed to advancing the false claims…
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Pre U.S. Senate, Obama Was Upside Down

Of all the blogs I have posted, this is the most sought after piece.  As we head into the weekend I present it to you once again.   In criticizing the President my point is, if you are competent with the small things, then you will likely be trustworthy of handling the bigger issues. When…
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If Tim Tebow were a Muslim

I originally posted this on October 26th.  It’s getting a lot of attention from Muslim activists… On my radio program we got into a discussion regarding Denver Bronco quarterback, Tim Tebow. Specifically we were talking about his come-from-behind effort on Sunday, during the last four minutes of the fourth quarter, to tie, and then beat…
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