Earth Day’s Real Story

As many of you know in 2010 I penned a bestselling book, Climategate, that discussed Earth Day’s real story, but what follows is a nice summary. On this date in 1970, a trio of radical dreamers established the first Earth Day, an annual event designed to assault capitalism, free-markets and mankind. The initial concept was conceived…
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Video – Earth Day Ignoramuses

Earth Day’s REAL History

“Earth Day has never been a celebration of the beauty and bounty of this awesome terrestrial ball.  It’s always been an assault on man.”–Brian Sussman On April 22, 1970, a trio of radical dreamers established the first Earth Day, an event designed to assault capitalism, free-markets and mankind. The initial concept was conceived by Senator…
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Bowing to California’s Green Agenda

I’m involved in a new film about watermelons; you know, the zealous environmentalists who are green on the outside and red (like Marx and Lenin) on the inside.   The movie (available on DVD) is titled: It’s Easy Bring Green, When You Have No Choice. As you think about the title for a moment, let me…
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Must See Film Exposes Green Lies

It’s finally out and narrated by me.  It’s Easy Being Green, When You Have No Choice.   In this 95-minute film you will discover: The global war on CO2 could not exist if the Soviet Union had not collapsed; Freedom is the ultimate cause of global warming and why managerial supervision is needed to “save…
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More Tampering with Temperature

The headline reads: The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever. It’s the latest news story verifying the 3rd chapter of my book Climategate (2010) as being spot on.  In that chapter, “Rigged Record,” I state: …the earth’s entire temperature record is rigged.  The public naively assumes the atmosphere is accurately measured by trustworthy scientists…
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New Film Exposes Green Movement’s Red Intentions

You must check this out.  It’s a powerful film illustrating how the environmental movement is indeed the platform of choice for ushering the world into a Marxist utopia. The movie is entitled: It’s Easy Being Green When You Have No Choice. I am the narrator. You need to be the buyer. Let’s get the word out…
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Obama’s Climate Assessment: Eco-Lies

Today the Obama Administration released it’s gloom and doom National Climate Assessment.  According to the 800-page report the carbon pollution created by Americans is literally destroying the earth as we know it. I propose three questions: – The Assessment condemns fossil fuel usage.  Will Obama stop flying on Air Force One for golf games? –…
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More CO2 appears to be a good thing

The greens continue to shout that since carbon dioxide (CO2) has reached 400ppm (parts per million) we’re doomed (even though in bygone eras CO2 levels were 6-12 times what they are today). Nonetheless the earth seems to be responding favorably to the recent increase in this variable gas. Note: We’re experiencing the coldest summer on…
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Note to the Prez: warming stopped 15 years ago

President Obama’s climate change speech today was a continuation of his attack on the coal industry. During his most recent State of the Union address, the president told Congress that if it didn’t act to curb carbon emissions, he would do so, which was like a bratty kid loudly announcing that he had decided to do…
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