Pawns: the “Not My President” protesters

I am convinced that the “Not My President” protesters really fear that the Trump administration will not be racist, sexist, homophobic, nor xenophobic.  Meantime they continue to protest, chant, and riot. If only they knew the cabal that is organizing and funding their events.

Bill Wilson, from the Daily Jot, provides us with some keen insight:

Little do most of them understand that they are but pawns in a larger chess game of those who wish to overthrow the American republic. They are manipulated and exercised by anarchists, communists, and totalitarians who have infiltrated the Democratic Party. Their platitudes of freedom and tolerance are abandoned at the very thought that someone would disagree with them. They are right. They are the standard. Anyone who disagrees with them is wrong and must be a bigot, a hate-monger, a racist. Then they, themselves, thrust their violence and hate on those with whom they disagree. It is much easier to call someone else a bigot, racist or xenophobe than to face your own demons.

Sadly, this is a soulless dissent. These are dark and empty souls. They justify their dark and hopeless world by projecting moral superiority while having no moral foundation in the content of their hearts. Being deplorable themselves, they call others deplorable. Being haters, they allege others of hating. Being bullies, they accuse others of bullying. It is easy to become angry at them, but we as Christians have the answer to this division. These soulless dissenters need hope. They need Christ. We know 2 Timothy 1:7—“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” If you encounter a soulless dissenter try responding with the light of Christ in you—not by jamming the Bible down their throats–but through gentleness and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  They need light, not more darkness.


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