Superbowl Ribs

My gift to you, for Superbowl Sunday. I promise these will be the best ribs you’ve ever cooked.

These are officially known as my “World Famous Patriot Ribs,” (as in American Patriots, not the New England football team–I’m not picking winners or losers, since my Forty Niners didn’t make it to the big game).

Place ribs (meat side up) in ceramic or glass baking pan.

Cover both sides of the baby back ribs with BBQ rib rub of choice (I prefer Kirkland’s Sweet Mesquite BBQ Rub).  By the way, St. Louis pork ribs work just as well.  If you like to trim off the membrane that’s fine, but this recipe will make the final product tender-licious either way.

NOTE: I cannot  guarantee this recipe for beef ribs.

Pour Samuel Adam’s Cream Stout (or if you prefer, Guinness Stout—it’s more readily available) into pan, an inch deep.  DO NOT try this with anything other than dark beer.

Cover with aluminum foil. Let sit for an hour.

Preheat oven to 325.  Bake ribs (in the pan, with the beer, covered with the foil) for two and a half hours. Turn off heat. Let ribs remain in closed oven for another hour.

Braise ribs over a really hot BBQ grill. This is “show time;” all we’re doing here is putting some grill marks on the meat. I usually do about three minutes on the bone side, and then three on the meat side, and then flip ’em over.  Make sure you keep them on long enough to get the nice grill marks on the meat.

Next, slather on your  favorite BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays is a winner in my household) to both sides.

Get the  ribs off the grill and onto serving plate (don’t be surprised if a few bones fall off in the process–this meat is super tender).

One final note: place a roll of paper towels on the dinner table–you’ll need ‘em.

Enjoy the game, and God bless America!



  1. Hey Brian,
    I listen to you almost every morning, and i really appreciate what you are doing, your “GREAT” keep up the good work !!
    I have a question, i heard about a week and a half or so ago that obama is going to “GIVE” the russians
    our Missel Defence System. You know, the one our Great President, Ronald Reagan put into place, to keep those crimmals (russia & china) from getting any more crazy ideas!! Have you heard anything about it? Thanks

  2. Hey Brian,
    I also wanted to thank you for calling those idoits that are trying to stop wood burning in fireplaces so we
    can’t keep warm.
    I haven’t heard any more reports from them-did you smoke’ em, i sure hope so! Thanks Again.

  3. steve johnson says:

    Brian- love your program and it’s great Mel is on board now as well, listen as much as I can…after lving in Texas for 8 ytrs and coming back to Santa Clara I was spoiled from the rivs back there, and have not found any rob place equal yet…so I am working to pefect my own ribs and will try this one you have…coincidentally, we also like the Kirkland Sweet Mesquite and Baby ray’s sauce so giving it a try, will let you know!

    steve and mary
    in a sea of Liberals we can stil find our way!

  4. Alright Suss, Let’s see what ‘ya got.
    The ribs have been rubbed, panned, beer’d, and covered with foil…
    I shall provide feedback post consumption!
    Ps. I listen to your show almost daily.

    San Leandro

  5. Bill Nelson says:

    Suss, tried the recipe, and man those ribs are off of the hook!!!! My wife wants them once a week. Good looking out!

  6. Hey Brian!
    What’s this I hear. Work less to Save The Planet? Do These Idoits know the planet will Burn Up! in a few years??? You can’t save a BURNING PLANET!

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    this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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