The Lord is My Rock

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. —Psalm 18:2, NIV

I was up early this morning, hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California with a dear brother in Christ. We were walking up an old, dilapidated trail on the eastern side of the 7,000-foot high Donner Summit. This bygone beaten road was once used by 19th Century pioneers seeking a new start in the far west. The terrain is beautifully rugged, laden with enormous rock outcroppings and filled with towering pines. In places, it is incredibly steep and seemingly impassable. How those brave travelers were able to haul their covered wagons, packed with all of their worldly goods, across the craggy range is astounding.

Several times during our ascent, my friend and I stopped to gaze at the sheer granite cliffs marking the peak above us. Mankind could never construct a fortress so impenetrable. Indeed, the vertical walls of towering rock resemble a glorious, majestic castle in the sky. Given that so many of the early Americans who once traveled this path were Christian people well-versed in the Bible, I have to believe that many gazed upon this same crest recalling the words of David in Psalm 18.

It’s often constructive to examine the original biblical language to gain a more complete understanding of what we read in God’s word. The word rock in Psalm 18:2 is best translated cliff, reminding us of the cliffs David sought for shelter while fleeing from Saul’s army. Likewise, fortress creates imagery of a majestic castle carefully created as a place of refuge. Deliverer in this case is not an inanimate defensive term, but one instead describing an active and living protector.

David also says God is my shield, a critical piece of armor he was quite familiar with. The horn of salvationgives us a twofold meaning. A horn serves as an emblem of strength and offensive power, just as a horn is for a great animal. However in the Old Testament, we also read about the horns of the altar (1 Kings 1:50) located in the ancient Jewish temple where one could find sanctuary from an enemy. Stronghold is best described as a high tower. Not only is such a place safe from one’s enemies, but from it, one can also see into the distance in every direction.

Notice that David personalizes all of these powerful descriptions of God with the word my.

Upon reaching Donner Summit, I was completely entranced by God’s creation, and I realized just how powerful His love is for me. After all, I’m a sinner who was saved by grace. I still don’t understand how it happened. Why did I say yes to Jesus when so many others in my life did not? To this day, even after several decades of following Him, I still shake my head and say, “Thank you, Lord—but why me?”

It’s challenging to try wrap my human mind around God’s love. That’s why I’m grateful David provides us with such a vivid word picture.

Remember, friend, Jesus is your rock. He is your fortress. He is your deliverer. He is your shield. He is yourhorn of salvation. And he is your stronghold.

Rest in Him.

Lord, thank you for revealing yourself to me, saving me, and providing me with everything I need to live a victorious life. Take the burdens of this life off my shoulders and let me rest in your amazing love. Amen.  


  1. Dwight Hasbrouck says:

    Hey Brian,
    Just checked out your devotional section. I listen to you & Katie when I’m on patrol at work. You both contribute to many smiles and laughter during your show time.
    Just curious to know if you are a true John 3:3/3:5 follower/servant of Jesus? In my 35yrs of following Jesus and being active in any area of ministry that He places me in I have discovered much about those who talk vs those walk. Many profess to be Christian yet have no clue of what is entailed in being a true Christ follower. Jesus warns us well in the last books of the bible about the signs of the end times. Gospel for Asia & Voice of the martyrs are my 2 most favorite hardcore missions outreach groups. In my 28 yrs of specialized law enforcement/ anti terrorist response work I can attest to the reality of what is taking place on this planet. Jesus is our only hope. I would love to meet you some time. I live out in Tracy.
    Your fellow drum brother in Jesus,
    Dwight / JOHN 8:51 2Timothy 2:19

  2. I would never have guessed from listening to you on your radio show that you are truly connected with Jesus? I have met many men & women over the years who profess by spoken or written word to be true followers/servants of Jesus yet they fail to live out their lives in Gods truth. The bible is beyond clear about what kind of fruit a true Saint’s tree should be displaying. I listen to you & Katie on occasion along with Michael Savage. KG & MS are each in great need of Jesus to cancel their eternal burn notice. If you are my true fellow brother in Jesus I hope that you will stand along side with me in prayer for the Holy Spirit to touch KG & MS and all individuals who are not yet connected with Jesus in a personal relationship.
    The days are advancing towards greater evil and time is running out for the lost. This fallen world is perishing and eternity is only a breath away. Hunger daily for pure thoughts,words & deeds and seek the Holy Spirit moment by moment for His help/wisdom to help you to maintain your walk with a deep desire that is striving for holiness and Gods sanctification. Hold your lamp up high and rejoice in watching how Gods eternal light can touch the lives of empty,hurting,helpless and hungry for truth souls. I thank God every day for the rescue He made upon my life through His Son Jesus.
    Gods best to you & yours,
    Dwight/ John 8:51

  3. Denise MW Reinhardt says:

    Thank you Brian – This is a great reminder.

  4. Kristin Dickerson says:

    Dear Brian.
    I have long sensed that you were a brother in Christ, by little things you say on the air. May the Lord continue to bless and protect you and yours. I listen to you and Katie each morning as I deliver my daughter to her school bus.
    Keep the faith and pray for your fellow broadcasters. My husband and I especially pray for Dr. Savage. He is such a wise and spiritual person, unafraid to read Scripture on the air. He is ever so close, it seems, to knowing the Lord in a personal way. What a prophet he would be for the end times, and that goes for anyone with a platform! Thank you for your clarifying work on Climate Change. Your book is on my list of books I want to read.
    Kristin Dickerson

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Kristin. I like to think of myself as a Jewish guy who believes in all of the scriptures–from Genesis to Revelation (and, as Bob Dylan famously said, “I’ve been saved by the blood of the Lamb).

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