Eco-Idiots Killing Fish

The only thing environmentalists like about the oil industry is that it provides their Prius hybrids with gasoline.  Other than that these nature nuts hate every aspect of the business sector they refer to as, “Big Oil.”

Now here’s the story.  Out in the Gulf of Mexico there are hundreds of oilrigs that are no longer in service.  At the demand of environmentalists, laws have been created to remove the rigs, which are considered ecological hazards.

Tell that to the sea life.  Underwater cameras have determined that old rigs become artificial reefs with rich coral habitats that are teeming with fish and other sea creatures.  But that means nothing to the greenies.  They contend that the rigs are unnatural, even though the environment has neatly adapted to the manmade structures.  And, with the help of the Obama administration, the waters of the Gulf have become a demolition derby with oilrigs being dynamited two or three times per week. Team Obama refers to this two-year old demo-program as, “Operation Idle Iron.”

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  1. Aloha,

    Brian, has your research into the production of oil in nature led you to the abiotic concept (see Jerome Corsi’s “Blackgold Stranglehold” and recent discovery of oil via e-coli bacteria)? Worked with oil people in Texas for years and see no way oil is not renewing itself (wells revitalizing themselves) and the depth and spread of oceans of oil. Also, no formula or natural process for animal remains to make oil.)
    Why aren’t conservative pundits and talkshow stars talking this up…plus every day screaming about how we have trillions of barrels that BO is keeping from us? WIll send you a free copy of my “The Supreme Scientist” upon request. Keep up the good work!
    Aloha and mahalo,
    Gerald Wright (Chief Scientist)

  2. This country is leaving us but what do we do? I go to rallies at the capital in Sacramento but too many takers sit on their ass and take. Buy guns and be ready because what happened in Nevada is coming and I am not a wack job even though I went to uc Davis.

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