See for yourself: we’re cooling

This graph clearly illustrates the slight cooling trend that’s been in progress since 2009.


  1. Oh Brian, Brian. even your vaunted Lord Monckton warns about picking arbitrary starting and ending points when talking about trends. And, of course, four years is much too short to show a reliable trend! Why do you shy away from the long-term graph?

  2. Jason Calley says:

    Hey nia! I took your advice and looked at a long-term chart.
    Looks like Brian is right. In fact, the cooling is even worse than we thought!

    Seriously, I DID look at the jpg you linked to (after fixing the extra “pg” on the end of the address), so please, be kind back, and look at this article explaining WHY the jpg from SkS is misleading. And if you really are willing to look at the facts, pay attention to the last chart in the article, the one that shows long term trends from the 1930s.

    nia, you are bing misled by people pretending to be unbiased scientists. Yes, many of them have diplomas and credentials, but a piece of paper does not make a person into a scientist, no more than holding public office makes someone a statesman or a public servant.

  3. Hi Nia,

    Feast your eyes on this long term trend.

  4. Oh Mia, Mia. Even you can have a look at the HADCRUT3 Global Temperature Record, at
    It shows a 0.1°C cooling since 2003.
    Even the NCDC Global Temperature Record, at
    It shows a 0.1°C cooling from 2005 to 2011.

  5. Shadeburst says:

    Lol nia, they used to call it global warming but there wasn’t so now they call it climate change. We are in a long term trend of warming as we emerge out of the Little Ice Age. If that is what you want to go back to, then you are either seriously misinformed or seriously stupid. Now which is it?

  6. @ Jason: I appreciate the civil tone of your reply (something I can’t always muster). I Just saw the replies to my comment, and will check out the links — it may take a while, because I’m out of town right now, and quite busy. I’ll try to reply to your comment as soon as I can. Again, thanks for being nice in your response – I’m properly chastened!

  7. @Jason: I looked at your wordpress link, and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. It seemed to randomly talk about various things that may or may not be valid. But I found a much more thoughtful article that seems to make similar points at Trouble is, there are still flaws in the thinking. See

    Now I freely admit that I don’t understand all of this yet, but I’m plowing through it. But, unlike you, I have faith in the bulk of climatologists. Maybe diplomas and credentials don’t make a person into a scientist, but they sure go a long way to ensuring that that person knows what he or she is talking about. Have you heard of Occam’s razor (the most likely explanation is probably the correct one) — what seems more likely to you, that scientists worldwide are in collusion to perpetrate a hoax (why, I ask???), and Obama wants to control us in some weird way by telling us to make more fuel efficient cars or whatever. Or that oil & coal companies are fiercely protecting their billions in profits?

    Another point I would make, is that I don’t base my acceptance of GW solely on land temperature records, but also on the changing distribution of species (moving north and up in elevation), and on the warming oceans. A recent study found that much of the excess energy has gone to warming the deep oceans. When feedback mechanisms kick in to this whole process – and they will – THAT’S when we’ll see some government regulations and economic meltdown.

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