Does Obama really believe it’s getting warmer?

At a $35,800 per person fundraiser in Atlanta, held at a French chateau-style mansion, President Obama talked about human-induced climate change:

“It gets you a little nervous about what is happening to global temperatures. When it is 75 degrees in Chicago in the beginning of March, you start thinking.”

Now, a little bit about the carbon footprint of the home of Tyler Perry, in which the president was a guest.

According to the pool reporter covering the event:

“The three story home complete with wooden shutters, that would have looked at home in the Loire Valley, was reached by a wide marble staircase leading up to the front door, inside which was a large crystal chandelier. The pool spotted a cozy looking library with antique volumes on the shelves as we were taken up two flights of stairs into a games room area, complete with a pub-style bar, pool table, antique chess set and large antique telescope.”

The hypocrisy is glaring. If Obama really thinks the weather is changing because of human influence, he wouldn’t have set foot in the home of Mr. Perry, let alone hold a fundraiser there.

I don’t believe Obama, or most vocal eco-actitivists, really think that human-derived CO2 emissions are altering the weather or warming the the climate.  Instead, as I conclusively prove in my book, Eco-Tyranny, these masterminds are purposefully using a phony environmental crises to usher in their utopian world view which includes mass redistribution of wealth, radical scientific materialism, and absolute government control over our lives.

And if these purveyors of green did buy into the anthropogenic global warming theory, they’d be having some significant problems these days, because:

  • There has been an precedented Arctic Ice Gain In February: Arctic ice grew at a rate of one Manhattan every two minutes during February
  • Global temperatures have plunged .56°F since Al Gore released his movie, An Inconvenient Truth,  in 2006.
  • According to NASA, February 2012 was tied for coldest since 1993.
  • The 8 coldest days of the last decade have all occurred in the first seven weeks of 2012.
  • Report: No Warming For 17 Years — Global temperatures have been dropping since 2005, & are coldest now in last 17 years.

I could site more examples to destroy the Left’s dishonest theory, but why waste my time or yours.  Instead, I expose why these eco-freaks are using the environment to hammer liberty, where their agenda originates, and how we can stop their evil plans in my new book, Eco-Tyranny.


  1. Dan Wheeler says:

    Yikes, another release from the reputable WND publishing giant. Hope there is some good birth certificate stuff in there.

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