Eco-scare alert: the King Tide

By Brian Sussman

The “king tide.” It’s a naturally occurring, predictable event caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the moon, the sun and the rotation of the earth which manifest in the local rise and fall of sea levels. On Thursday those combined effects will align to create the most exaggerated tides of the year, and eco-activists and their media accomplices are seizing the opportunity to warn of human-caused climate change.

See how environmentalists will use this natural event to scare the public, by clicking here.


  1. Chad Wozniak says:

    Dear Mr. Sussman:

    I very much appreciate your books, Climategastye and Eco-Tyranny – bit there is so mucvh more we have to do to stop the eco-tyrants. Some how, we skeotics have to force the regular news networks to give air time to the other side – the correct side – of this story, and make the academic journals publish the papers by skeptics. We have to make them stop their censorship.

    I am personally looking into ways to start a grass-roots effort to get the real facts about climate change out to the general public. I will soon be making a presentation to my local Republican Party committee here in Chico, Caloifornia, where I live, and I will be looking into the possibility of cheap ways to get the message out to the public – cable TV and billboards come to mind, and having people write letters to the news media and academic journals demanding that they stop covering up for the extremists and profiteers who are pushing the global warming alarmist65 agenda.

    There is way too much at stake here, and we MUST succeed in stopping these people’s perverse plans to wreck the economy and take away our constitutional freedoms and the friuits of our labor.

    I would appreciate any advice you could give on how to get this effort going and make it effective at the
    least possible cost.

    Chad Wozniak

    P.S. I hve no connection to the oil and coal compoanies – but if they are funding efforts to combat global warming alarmism, I’d have to say they are doing a tremendous public service – helping their own business pales into insignificance next to that

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