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Kevin Metheny. Rest In Peace.

My boss, Kevin Metheny, was found unconscious at his desk Friday afternoon.  He’s was pronounced dead soon after. We were planning to have lunch together this Wednesday. Kevin was a brilliant radio programmer. He was also hilarious.  His stories about the biz were filled with the names of his friends—all giants in the industry—whom he…
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Bird Brains on Bay Bridge

They may be a protected species but the double-crested cormorants and other birds that call the old Bay Bridge home are fast becoming a $33 million pain in the rear. As crews disassemble the 10,000-foot-long steel structure where the birds roost, they’ve had to carefully deal with state and federal environmental laws designed to protect…
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The Great Unraveling

This post is a must read for anyone who is deeply concerned that America and the world are headed in the wrong direction.  If you’re unaware of the unraveling of the fabric of global society then I beg you to continue reading.  Hopefully you will be enlightened as to the state of our terrestrial ball….
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Gender Bender at Bay Area College

I wrote this article for my monthly column in the “Buffalo Gap News Roundup,” published in Buffalo Gap, Texas. I admit it. I live in Kooksville. An all-women’s college here in the San Francisco Bay Area is expanding its definition of female.  Mills College, near Oakland, is now the first single-sex college in the country…
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Walking My Pro-Life Talk

Many years ago my wife and I lived in Santa Cruz and were participating in a peaceful protest march outside Planned Parenthood. One of the marchers held a sign that read, Adoption Not Abortion. A crazy counter-protester sarcastically yelled, “Right, like you would adopt my kid!” The comment got my wife and I thinking aloud,…
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Urgent: ISIS Beheading Children!

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Marine’s Message to ISIS

Nick Powers is a Marine veteran who personally saw our Islamist enemy soundly defeated in Iraq. His open letter to ISIS was originally published at Warfighter’s Foundation. As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask?…
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Obama’s Border Surge

Barack Obama owns this tragedy at our southern border.  His administration, and most in the media, contends that a 2008 law signed by President Bush insists that we label the border children “refugees” and welcome them (and their parents) into our country with open arms, free housing, taxpayer funded debit cards, trips to Walmart, and…
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Why Israel has the right to exist

Forget the Left. Their minds can’t be changed. However as a Jew who long ago placed his faith in Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah (the Christ) I am so troubled when I meet younger followers of Jesus (as well as younger Jews not yet following Yeshua) who do not believe Israel has a definitive right to…
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San Francisco’s (Poop) Problem

I do a lot of walking in San Francisco as a part of my fitness routine. The steep hills of the city make for a challenging workout and the spectacular views of the Bay make my long walks very enjoyable. However during certain portions of my treks I really have to watch my step because…
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