Is it too late to save America?

At what point will law abiding citizens decide enough is enough, and take action? I don’t know what that action looks like—in fact I fear to think hard about it. But, dear friends, what is happening in this country right now is not in keeping with our founding principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We have a President who is now making a political point by threatening Americans, telling us that under sequestration our borders will be flooded with illegal immigrants, there will be long lines at the airports, and teachers, police and firefighters will be cut, when in fact none of his taunts are based on the sequestration law.

Obama’s job is to uphold the Constitution, not inflict pain on the people!

In the meantime our imperial president is currently releasing illegal aliens from jails and detention centers; our military is being hollowed out; our troops in Afghanistan are still dying, and dying without a clear mission; our national debt is beyond staggering; the government has grown nearly 30 percent in the last four years; we’re printing trillions of dollars in phony currency and honest economics dictates that this money policy will roar back with grave consequences. Obama has declared war on the Catholic church, he’s given us a “gender neutral” military, and is pushing the envelope for gay marriage. And I haven’t even addressed his attempts to upend the Second Amendment.

In a word, we have a President who hates the America I love. By 2016 it may be too late to save this country.


  1. FOLKS ARE GOIN TO HAVE TO FIGHT OFF THE AFFECTS OF THE FORCED MEDICATIONS FROM FLORIDE. For those who do not know about it get busy reading, lots of intel on you tube. The comfortable mindset of ‘it can’t happen here’ must be ejected. IT IS HAPPENEING HERE….. Journalist just threatened by white house to shut up ‘or you won’t like it’ is straight from Pol Pot and Mau. Not to preach to the chior but we must have some info to hand out where ever we go to educate others, encourage those to self educate. Most will not listen when forced. DO NOT BE AFRAID- FREEDOM IS NOT FREE-IF NOT US-WHO?

  2. radio silence says:

    Too late to save America? Yawn. Why don’t just put on a skirt and some saddle shoes and swish around , Sissyman

  3. Why don’t you talk SERIOUSLY about the real threats posed by the NDAA bill that the president signed and all of the military rolling into this nation and the helicopters and everything else which points to our nation being once again mislead by the talmudic jews? I suppose your paycheck would end if you told the REAL TRUTH that MANY MANY AMERICANS are finally waking up to.

  4. SARJames says:

    He promised, quote… fundamentally transform America. Dear friend, like it or not……..he and his commie goons are doing it, and there is no one to stop them. Someone please shut the light off, time to leave.

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