Background Notes – “Stop Praying, I’m Miserable”

In the latest episode of Another Chance you will meet John and Ursula Frattarola.  John and I worked together in TV in Reno.  When he and Ursula left for a career in Hollywood, I told John, “I’m praying that you’ll become miserable.”  In time, it happened.  And just as I prayed,  thanks to the graciousness of God, John’s misery turned to joy–and for Ursula too!  Prepare to be inspired.

By the way, the cover photo for this episode was taken at John and Ursula’s wedding, at which I was honored to have been asked to share a message faith.

John’s congregation is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  You can learn more about it here…


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Brian Sussman

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  1. Mary says

    So happy that you have started your Another Chance and Hidden Headlines
    Podcasts!! They make my day, as does
    Your morning show with Katie Green!! Glad
    I can now listen to your early show on podcast when I workout. God bless you and your family — and your radio family!!
    Love listening to your encouraging
    Stories…. love your sense of humor, too! And
    Thank you for helping me to understand things like Proposition 6!!
    Wonderful podcasts!! I have already shared
    With family!

  2. carlson says

    The first episode about Joshua was great. I can’t wait to hear the next episode about your TV friend. This podcast is inspirational and has a solid Biblical foundation. Extremely high quality sound too. Keep up the good work, Brian.

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