Pardoned, By God

On this episode of the Another Chance Podcast you will meet my longtime friend, Dr. Sam Huddleston.   I met Sam just after he was released from prison, having been convicted of manslaughter as a 17-year old.

His story, while gritty, is one of repentance, forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation.

Just this past December the State of California officially pardoned Sam of the crime he committed all those many years ago.

The photograph to the left is of my father-in-law, Bob Rittenhouse (who gave Sam his first job out of prison), Sam, and me at Sam’s Pardon Party, thrown by his wife, Linda, just last weekend.

As Sam’s Pastor and mentor, Donald Greene, said, “Governor Jerry Brown did what God did when Sam was a young man: pardon him. I’m glad to know the State of California finally got the message.”

Everyone laughed, cheered, and shed a tear simultaneously.

At the party were people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds–from all over the country and even Nigeria–yet NO ONE fronted their color or ethnicity first (or even second or third)–everyone there was a God-First person who had come to confirm that we are all forgiven and saved by His amazing Grace. Period.

The gathering was like a little slice of Heaven.

Sam received the official word of his pardon just before Christmas, when his entire family was gathered in a park to take pictures with a professional photographer.  The adjacent photo was snapped just as the family prayed together after hearing the news come over Sam’s cellphone speaker.

Sam’s book, 5 to Life, is available by clicking here.


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