ANOTHER Illustration of Voter Fraud

Don’t know how you useful idiots can see it otherwise.
Dominion Voting Systems in Antrim county Michigan underwent a forensic audit. By federal law, the Federal Election Commission only allows the machines an error rate of only 0.0008 percent. The Dominion Voting Systems in Antrim had a 68.5 percent error rate and all the security log files were deleted!
This error rate adjudicated an unprecedented number of ballots, allowing Democrat election officials to manually assign the vote for each rejected ballot behind closed doors. This is why thousands of votes were SWITCHED from Trump to Biden in that precinct. This tactic allows votes to be switched after election day — the security log file trail covered up
With this evidence alone, President Trump should invoke his Executive Order from September 2018, call out the military, and impound all Dominion Voting Systems machines across the U.S. and subject them to forensic audits.
If the final vote tabulation is fraudulent in this county, why wouldn’t the same tactics be programmed into Dominion Voting Systems across the country?

Brian Sussman

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