Back to Basics: The Only Thing That Really Matters

These are indeed wild times. Vaccines, mandates, masks, censorship, supply chains, inflation, war abroad, finger-pointing, Putin, Ukraine, communism, propaganda, persecution, anti-semitism.

It’s all becoming too much.

I’m going back to basics.

I love talking politics and attempting to get past the propaganda and to the root of the issues. But even if–and when–I make it to the heart of the matter in these various affairs I am  lambasted by others who are convinced otherwise. There is no winning such arguments.

Therefore, for the time being,  I’m going back to the only thing that really matters: the joy, hope, and eternal salvation found through God’s only Son: Jesus. This is a topic for which I am an expert. No, I don’t have a degree in theology, but I do have a personal relationship with the “theo” in that four syllable word.

My following blog posts and podcasts will reflect this major shift.

Thank you for your support.

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Brian Sussman

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