Best Interview Ever!

Best interview ever!

I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times, but this morning’s conversation with Michael Harrison of Talkers Magazine was the best. He asked questions that caused me to recall really memorable facts about my career, family life, hobbies, and all the rest–that I had forgotten about! 40-minutes flew by!

The interview will be on the website (podcast) Tuesday.

Hope you’ll listen and share.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Gary Callahan says

    Great interview. I particularly liked the way the host covered the many aspects of your life. Not just the on-air stuff although that is obviously important but talking about who you are – your family, your education, how you got into the business, your hobbies. WOW.

    Also the difference in the way the two of you sounded. I don’t think that you said, “um” once. When I did radio back in high school (it was a long time ago but we were past the crystal receivers) ums were death. My late father-in-law was a member of Toast-Masters and they had a member who had a large coffee can and a pile of large washers. If a speaker was silent too long or ummed – plunk! Everyone in the room knew. Good on you for no plunks.

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