Why the Biden Administration Ignored D-Day

Yesterday’s ceremonies marking the 78th anniversary of the Allied landings at Normandy, France were, as always, dramatic and heartfelt. As the World War II generation passes from the scene, it is more important than ever that we acknowledge how their incredible efforts from the Second World War have shaped our world.

And yet, the Biden administration ignored acknowledging this special date.

Okay, there was a lame “tweet” at 9pm, but please…

You see, it all comes down to a wonderful thing called, American Exceptionalism.  Read on.

We remember D-Day at Normandy because it was the decisive turning point of the war. Gen. George Marshall’s assessment was correct: the only sure way to eliminate Adolf Hitler’s regime was an Allied amphibious invasion of northern Europe that would lead to a campaign into the heart of Nazi Germany. But it is easy to forget what it took to prepare and be ready to launch such an operation.

And yet, the Biden administration ignored acknowledging this special date.

At home, it required the mobilization of the entire population, with women working in the factories, often marginalized ethnic groups asked to fight, rationing implemented for all, and children and the elderly participating in Victory gardens and scrap metal, blood and bond drives.

As for our military, in short order we had built our U.S. Armed Forces to more than 11 million Americans in uniform by 1944. Today we could never do all this inside of three years as they did.

And yet, the Biden administration ignored this.

By 1942 we had fought ground campaigns in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, and were engaged in a bombing war out of England, all designed to weaken Nazi Germany and ease the pressure on our Soviet ally fighting on the eastern front. We had to prevail in the battle of the Atlantic to amass more than a million troops and supplies to launch from Britain, and had to master diplomacy and compromise with our allies because no other nation was strong enough to defeat the Nazi Empire on its own.

And yet, it might all be for naught if we had failed on D-Day in Normandy. God only knows what the world would look like if Hitler had been victorious.

And yet, the Biden administration turned a blind eye.


Because the Biden administration represents an extreme leftist world view that has no place for American Exceptionalism—of any kind.

What is American Exceptionalism?

First of all, unlike all other nations past or present, our Founders accepted as a self-evident a truth that all men are created, by God, equal. What this meant was that our Founders aimed to create a society in which, for the first time in the history of the world, the individual’s fate would be determined not by who his father was, but by his own freely chosen pursuit of his own ambitions. In other words, America was to be an experiment whereby status and class distinctions would be erased, leaving individuals free to act and to be judged on their merits alone.

That’s American Exceptionalism. We strive for it. We pray for it. And when we fall short, we try harder the next time.

Secondly, in all other countries membership or citizenship was a matter of birth, of blood, of lineage, of rootedness in the soil. But America was the incarnation of an idea, and therefore no such factors came into play. To become a full-fledged American, it was only necessary to pledge allegiance to the new Republic and to the principles for which it stood.

That’s American Exceptionalism.

Third, in all other nations, the rights, if any, enjoyed by their citizens were conferred by human agencies: kings and princes and occasionally parliaments. As such, these rights amounted to privileges that could be revoked at will by the same human agencies. In America, by contrast, the citizen’s rights were declared from the beginning to have come from God and to be “inalienable”—that is, immune to legitimate revocation.

That’s American Exceptionalism.

One nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all. It’s much like an abiding faith in Jesus: when you fail, and even fail miserably, you repent, God forgives you, you get up, and you try to do it right. America’s underpinnings were based on this same simplicity.

And the left hates it. It’s because they actually hate God.  In fact, they believe  both He and our America are a joke.

Pray they don’t fully implement their idea of what they think America should be.

Brian Sussman

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