Why my books on climate are actually about Marxism

I’m writing a new book. It’s an updated version of Climategate and Eco-Tyranny.

I’m about to explain why, in large measure, my books about climate are actually about the agenda’s real goals: socialism, communism, and authoritarianism. It’s deeply personal.

At the urging of his parents , my grandfather escaped Lenin’s Soviet Russia as a teenager. His family stayed behind and eventually perished in the hands of tyranny.

Shortly after the Soviet Union finally collapsed in 1991, I had the life-changing experience of meeting with three, 30-something pastors from Russian; they were in the U.S. for a church conference. Between them they had spent had spent over the three decades in horrid prisons because of their Christian faith. Their testimonies stir my emotions to this day.

I have met many from Cuba whose assets were stolen by the communists during the takeover in the 1950s. These wonderful people fled for America and now cherish life, liberty, and personal property.

A relative was able to slip in to North Korea to accomplish Christian evangelism; she witnessed a parallel universe while in that communist hole.  Two weeks ago I was introduced to a woman who spent five years in a Chinese concentration camp for her anti-communist opinions. She escaped, living underground in her own country until she finally made it out to freedom.

The gentleman who is helping proof read my manuscript is a former combat Navy Seal who personally faced the military apparatus of communist regimes. He understands their underhanded determination to see America fail.

I met “Sammy” in Eastern Europe. He is Persian, originally from Iran, a nation led by authoritarians who loath American ideals and are cozy with China, North Korea and Russia. After converting to Christianity, he was put on an Iranian government hit list and escaped on foot to Bulgaria with nothing more than the clothes on his back. He’s never lived in America, but he believes the stability of the world is dependent upon the political future of the USA.

“The goal of socialism is communism.” I didn’t come up with that, Lenin did. All shades of Marxism are evil. And as for United Nations? It represents the thinktank responsible for spreading Marxist doctrine to the world. So, when I read about present day nations with socialist and communist governments like  Russia (where political dissidents are imprisoned), and China (where one million Uyghur Muslims and hundreds of thousands of Christians are in concentration camps), Iran (where Christians and women are horribly mistreated),  Cuba (where hundreds remain in prison for participating in the 2021 freedom protests), not to forget Pakistan (where western journalists are abducted) and all having a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council, my head spins!

The climate agenda is not about the environment. It’s about turning American life, liberty and happiness (property ownership) upside down and introducing to the world a new order.

Brian Sussman

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