More Climate Agitprop: Intensified Hurricanes – Latest Podcast

The latest “news” from the agitprop artists in the mainstream media says that hurricanes are being intensified from the use of fossil fuels which are forcing climate change.

This is pure fantasy.

There is so-called research paper that has been pushed to the media comparing Atlantic storms from two 20-year periods: 1971-1990 vs. 2001-2020. Quite frankly, the results simply verify a well-known multi-decadal variability with hurricanes in the Atlantic.  This is something that is available in scientific literature from almost 20 years ago and has nothing to do with global warming or climate change, let alone the use of fossil fuels.

In my most recent podcast (above), I blow the lid on this fake news, and in the process unveil content from my upcoming book.



Brian Sussman

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