Communist Fist Identical to BLM Fist – a coincidence?

As you will hear in the current Hidden Headlines Podcast (#70), the iconic communist fist of so-called “unity” is identical to the Black Lives Matter fist used to rally their useful idiots (as Lenin would call them).

This is no coincidence. Check out my latest podcast.

And by the way, that unity quickly ends once the communist leaders have taken over. Ask the 135,000 souls who died during the last century at the hands of communists.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Barbara says

    Dear Brian, I finally got to listen to your podcast and I want you to know you gave the clearest description of Marxism that I have ever heard. I miss you from the ksfo morning show but I’m grateful I found your podcasts. Thank you for carrying on with your good messages! God bless you.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Forgive the slow reply, Barbara.
      I’ve been studying the diabolical mind of Marx for the better part of three decades. What a brilliantly evil mind this guy had.
      Even though his plan, when carried out properly, always ends in horrid death, it’s amazing how so many (like the progressive democrats) think they can do it better.
      God bless you and the USA.

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