Tuesday’s Red Tsunami (see November 14 update)

The Democrats have completely done themselves in for the coming midterm election.

The economy is on everyone’s mind. Does not matter if you’re a liberal, or conservative, or a nothing. You’re thinking about this economy. It stinks.

The Democrats have two issues that they are fronting going into this election; Abortion, and January 6.

Two huge losers.

Even the liberal Clinton administration realized back in the 90s that, “it’s the economy stupid.”  Personal finance is what moves the dial when it comes to voting.

Barring some cheating, and there will be some, this will be not just a red wave, not just a red tsunami, but actually a red slaughter.

And may I just say, thank God. For years abortion has been the leading cause of death in U.S.A.  That alone is a reason to vote GOP.




Brian Sussman

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  1. Paula says

    I’m hoping you continue your podcasts one day. I really miss listening to your take on current life-subjects, and am thankful it was/is through a Christian worldview.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks for the encouragement, Paula!

      I’ve been super busy with some other projects, but things will get back to normal soon so I can resume.

      Very best regards,


  2. Robert Y Speed says

    Your red Tsunami seems to have lost all of its impetus. Is it possible that you have mistaken Satan’s will for God’s will?

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