Halloween: a Christian Perspective

It is impossible to completely ignore Halloween. Stores are already stock full of supplies and costumes, and schools and TV shows will undoubtedly celebrate it as the holiday approaches.

As parents and Christians, you may be wondering how to shelter your child from Halloween.

It seems as the years pass by, the costumes and decorations become more and more realistic and scary. My younger daughter will not even enter an aisle that has a Halloween selection in it. As a mother, it troubles me that I cannot even take my child to the store without worrying that she will be frightened by things that give her nightmares.

Obviously, it is ultimately up to individual families as to how they decide to handle and celebrate Halloween. Many Christians see no issue in the holiday and many find alternatives; yet for little eyes it can be a hard holiday to overlook or forget. Even if you see it as a non-issue or find alternatives, there is still that creepy, scary fear factor sitting in people’s front lawns.

God does not want us to fear; yet we do a great job of going out of our way to scare ourselves sometimes.

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Brian Sussman

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