Hidden Headlines- Interview with Abortion Survivor

In light of the current calls by the Left for infanticide, in this edition of Hidden Headlines I interview Melissa Ohden, a woman who survived an abortion.

As you’ll hear, Melissa’s incredible story begins when a nurse, forced her 19-year-old daughter, an unmarried college student, to get a secret abortion.

The abortion failed and little Melissa, weighing less than three pounds was placed alone on a table to die.

Also in this episode:
The surreal ascendency to political power witnessed by progressive leftist, NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
– A discussion regarding my recent article originally posted at World Net Daily, “Doped-Up, Docile, Dependent: the Left’s Plan for America.”

Melissa Ohden’s media connections:
More on her book, “You Carried Me” – can be found by clicking here

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