Hidden Headlines Podcast #58 – Social-Distancing, Face Masks, Gloves, and Who is Really Dying

Social distancing, face masks and gloves may be harming us, more than helping us, during this time of COVID-19. There is more to this pandemic than meets the eye, especially given the pressure being placed upon those in the medical community to blame ones cause of death on the coronavirus, as opposed to other morbidity factors.

Additionally, why aren’t the world’s power brokers as concerned with other causes of preventable death?

The opinions I share in this podcast (including those regarding Bill Gates) are based on authentic statistics and facts and are not meant to necessarily alarm, but to think.

Check it out wherever you listen to your podcasts, including on this website (for free–click here), or at my favorite site for the podcasts–Soundcloud.

Hope you’ll enjoy–and share with others!


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Brian Sussman

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