Hidden Headlines: The Dumbing Down of America (it’s not an accident)

Oakland, California is legalizing the use of “magic mushrooms.”

Why the fervent push to legalize mind altering drugs?  Could it be a purposeful attempt by the collectivist left to dumb down America?

I say, “Yes.”

In this episode of Hidden Headlines, I discuss the increased toleration of drug use, the dumbing down of our education system (once the finest in the world, but no longer), the mind numbing effects of screen time (ever see a kid voluntarily playing baseball, jumping rope, climbing trees, taking a hike, etc., anymore?), and Big Pharma’s footprint in all of this.

Thank God there is one man in D.C. who is fighting these forces of evil and their will accomplices–and this is why they hate him so much.

By the way, I site two excellent articles on this topic; here are the links:

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Matt in SF says

    yea, I agree. It started in SF back in the 80’s when the left took over the board of education…..of course the voters put them in there.
    Isn’t communism a long term effort….they just don’t quit. that’s why freedom is not free.

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