Hidden Headlines: The Non-Green Underbelly of Elon Musk’s Tesla Electric Cars

The environmentally conscious person tell you that electric cars are smart, efficient modes of personal transportation that will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

But is that true?

I’m a car guy–I love cool automobiles of all sorts–and I have to admit, the Tesla vehicles are attractive, comfortable, and FAST.

However, are the environmentally friendly and as green as Elon Musk’s Tesla team tells us?

In this Hidden Headlines Podcast I will arm you with the truth about Tesla’s non-green batteries.

You may listen to the podcast on this website, or at Soundcloud, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Spotify.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Sim says

    I suppose fracking oil is more environmentally friendly than mining lithium? Who’s more intelligent Brian Sussman or Elon Musk? EV’s are the future. You will go down in history as a footnote on Wikipedia as a quack who disliked electric cars.
    I only could stomach about 4 minutes of your podcast BTW.

    • Brian Sussman says

      You’re making a ridiculous argument. By the way, I don’t dislike electric cars, per se, I just love really cool cars with tricked-out combustion engines.
      As for my podcast, you are clearly in the minority. If you would have listened further you might have been educated.
      Meantime, hope you have a nice day.

  2. Justin Clemments says

    The point of the article was to illustrate how the Tesla is hardly a “green” vehicle.
    Justin Clemments

  3. GP Tserling says

    Tesla/space x are the quintessential American frauds. This means they are not based on outright lies but on gross exaggerations and wishful thinking backed by great PR and propaganda. Many previous American frauds like invasion of Iraq and the exaggeration of American military capability to trump business are based on this layout.

    Musk is basically a welfare king. Now, there is nothing wrong with that and most breakthroughs have happened through government backing. But musk is a private man and often implies that he is spending money through his own pocket which he obviously is not. Also, he has not actually put forward any tech breakthrough till now and is famous only for promising things which have not been done.

  4. Jess T. says

    Keep in mind, without subsidies Tesla would be like Solyndra (the phony solar panel company you exposed years ago, Brian).
    Jess T.

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