Hidden Headlines: this week’s episode

In this week’s edition of Hidden Headlines–“the God-News that the other guys ignore,” you’ll hear about:

  • President Donald Trump, applying morality like a Christian pastor, in this case regarding transgenderism.
  • Satanic middle-schoolers caught before doing evil.
  • Living together prior to marriage vs not–what does better for a successful marriage?
  • Brave ex-LGBT people plan rally in L.A.
  • Indiana proclaims dignity for the unborn (as Planned Parenthood fumes).
  • Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw doesn’t take credit for his talent, as the Dodgers play in the Series (I still loath the Dodgers though).

All that, plus my rallying commentary.  If you like what you hear, please share!  Click here for the latest episode.

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Brian Sussman

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