Hidden Headlines: Why America is a Blessing to the World

In this special Independence Day edition of Hidden Headlines, I affirm America’s exceptional status as world leading superpower that has brought immeasurable good to planet earth. Quite frankly (and you’ll likely hear it in my tone), I am sick of those on the left who constantly trash this great land.  As I point out in the podcast, without the United States the world would likely be a very dark and nasty place.

I also highlight the lives of three signers of the Declaration of Independence and how they, their wives, and children, were ruthlessly persecuted by the British Crown for their unyielding, in-your-face, stand for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Phillip Beatty says

    Why wasn’t I taught these stories in school!
    I got an earful of crap about racism, sexism, oppression, etc., but nothing about the faith and determination of such men and women as found in the Lewis’, Stocktons, and Harts.
    Phillip Beatty
    New Jersey

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