How and why so many younger Americans are embracing socialism


My new book, Climate Cult: Exposing and Defeating Their War on Life, Liberty, and Property reveals how the topic of climate change is being effectively used to extinguish the inalienable (God-given) right to life, right to liberty (a government which upholds the  values illustrated, for example, in the Ten Commandments), and the right to “the pursuit of happiness” which is found in the joy of personal property ownership.

In my latest Brian Sussman Show podcast (Episode 247) I interview a sharp young man named Christ Talgo, from the Heartland Institute. Chris co-authored Socialism at a Glance. He has a well-founded understanding of how and why so many people under the age of 40 have embraced socialism.

This is a dangerous social and political trend that must be well understood by all who cherish freedom. I hope you’ll carve out some time to listen to this important, eye-opening episode.


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Thank you!

Brian Sussman

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