Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the Incriminating Hillary Emails

Even if the Russians did provide the jaw-dropping Podesta emails to Julian Assange, he was right to publish them on his website, Wikileaks.

I would have; and so should anyone calling themselves  a “journalist.”

Those emails exposed the treacherous practices of the Clinton political machine.

Here’s what the emails revealed:

The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the major funders of radical jihadists, including ISIS.  For their donations, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton paid them back by approving $80 billion in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, enabling the Saudis to carry out a devastating war in Yemen.  In my mind there is blood on Hillary’s hands: that war eventually triggered a humanitarian crisis and left nearly 60,000 dead.

Hillary Clinton was paid $675,000 for speaking at Goldman Sachs.  In her lucrative talks, Clinton told the financial elites that she wanted “open trade and open borders.”  She also refused to criticize Wall Street about their direct involvement in the 2008 financial meltdown. One has to wonder what the Wall Street execs desired from Hillary in return for her lucrative speaking fee?

The Clinton campaign worked to influence the Republican primaries to ensure that Donald Trump was the Republican nominee. The Clinton’s were convinced Trump would be an easier foe to defeat than some of the other candidates.

Hillary Clinton obtained advance information on primary debate questions via CNN paid-performer and Democrat strategist, Donna Brazile (who now, interestingly, is a paid liberal contributor for Fox News).

1,700 of the 33,000 emails came directly from Hillary Clinton.  Hillary claimed the emails were about “wedding plans” and “yoga classes” and other vanilla personal issues.  Instead, we learned that Hillary was the primary architect of the war in Libya. As Secretary of State, Hillary believed that the overthrow of Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi would establish her credentials as the future president.  Instead, the war she sought has left Libya in chaos and has resulted in 40,000 dead.

And how do the Democrats respond to these facts? By calling anyone who believes they are true to be “a conspiracy theorist.”

Brian Sussman

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  1. Bill Leavitt says

    I still believe that Hillary will be seen in a prison jumpsuit.
    This one isn’t over, yet. Thanks for the information.
    Bill L.

  2. Samantha Pearson says

    The Clinton machine has been derailed by President Trump. One can only hope (and pray) that justice is served and the guilty go to prison!
    Samantha Pearson

  3. Scott Baldwin says

    I hope Killary doesn’t add another body count to her tally. Between Assange and Barr, Democrats and Hillary have a lot to lose should the investigation lead to what we all know happened.
    Scott B.

  4. Robert says

    Regardless of who did it, the issue is not WHO leaked them. The real issue is the CONTENT within the emails.

  5. Steve says

    Julian will testify in front of a congressional committee. As we know now there were 2 separate email hacks were done by 2 different people. The Hillary emails were hacked and released by Gucifer 2.0, Wikileaks just put the emails out to the public. It is speculated that the DNC emails were an inside job. Julian has said on multiple occasions the hacks were not the Russians. In a 2016 interview with Dutch TV Julian all but says it was an internal leak. Kim Dotcom also confirms this multiple times in multiple interviews andVia his Twitter. We will hopefully get clarification on all of this when Julian is extradited to the US.

    It is an interesting time in which we are living.

    His name is Seth Rich

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