Just the Facts on George Floyd’s Death

I feel sad for guys like George Floyd. Drugs are a tool of the devil.

From the George Floyd autopsy:

1. Fentanyl 11 ng/mL
2. Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL
3. 4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL
4. Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL
5. 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/mL;
Delta-9 Carboxy THC 42 ng/mL; Delta-9 THC 2.9 ng/mL
6. Cotinine positive
7. Caffeine positive
B. Blood volatiles: negative for ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, or acetone
C. Urine drug screen: presumptive positive for cannabinoids, amphetamines, and fentanyl/metabolite
D. Urine drug screen confirmation: morphine (free) 86 ng/mL

Don’t be surprised if there is an acquittal. The 6’8″ Floyd died of a drug overdose. By the way, his “I can’t breathe” statements began when he was on his feet.
Yes, his loss is tragic. But it started with his dependence on illegal drugs.
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Brian Sussman

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