Latest Podcast: Your Tax $$ Used for Smoke and Mirrors in Ukraine

Let me begin by stating several important points: I am not a Putin apologist, I am for the innocent citizens of Ukraine, and I am actively supporting my Christian brothers and sisters in this hell hole of a country.

Whoops. Right off the bat I’ve said something that flies against the narrative. Ukraine a hell hole?

Jesus tells His followers to be suspect of everything, or “discerning,” if you will. Especially regarding the Last Days. When discussing those end of times with some of His disciples He said, “See that no one misleads you,” and “Be alert,” (Mark 13:5 and 35).

Ukraine is a mess, and has been since it was freed from communist rule in 1989 (and certainly was a hell hole for all those longs decades within the  U.S.S.R. as well). Its political system is filled with corruption. Morally, abortion is allowed through 6-months of pregnancy and it is a known center for child sex trafficking. Nonetheless, the church of authentic followers of Jesus is active and, I’m told, many people are coming to know the Savior.

The United States and many of the world’s elite influencers (i.e. George Soros) have been actively involved in Ukraine ever since it left the Soviet Union. I discuss this in the Brian Sussman Show Podcast Episode 127. It seems as if neither party has the best interest of Ukraine’s people in mind. Rather, it’s as if Ukraine is a launching pad for global chaos.

Look at the the cost of gas associated with moves by the Biden administration during COVID and now thanks to the embargo of Russian oil. It’s shocking the world economy, just as the World  Economic Forum has wished in order to engage their Great Reset. Look at billions of dollars worth of arms we have sent to Ukraine. We’re witnessing a proxy war wherein the powers that be are daring Putin to war. Look at the broken promises by the U.S. regarding the expansion of NATO; it’s a double dare.

But more interestingly, look at the propaganda artistically rendered by the democrat party in the U.S., most republicans, the entire corporate media, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue: Putin is evil and must be forcibly removed, Ukraine is good and the people are in solidarity against Russian, Russia is killing Ukrainians, Putin has broken promises, and the U.S. just wants to virtuously lend aid.

Discernment is required.

I hope you’ll check out Episode 127: USA Tax Dollars Used for Deadly Smoke and Mirrors in Ukraine


Brian Sussman

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