One Man’s Speculation: from lockdown to meltdown

  • Assuming I still have the freedom to speak and share my thoughts, here they are. You may disagree, and that’s your right as well.
    I hope my speculation proves to be absolutely wrong, but…
  • Vaccines are being pushed at the hardest pace yet, with virtually all popular media outlets acting as agents of propaganda. Trust me, vaccine passports are in this plan as more and more businesses and government agencies (at both the stated and federal level) are mandating vaccinations, or weekly testing; the latter will eventually end giving way to mandatory shots. So much for individual rights and American freedom.
  • Vaccination cards are being required more and more.
  • Politicians, government workers, and deep-state agents (unelected bureaucrats with massive amounts of power), and billionaire elites are waiting for the next lockdown to further unfurl their plan.
  • Despite government figures, unemployment is at record levels effecting supply chains and inflation. Meantime would-be workers are enjoying their unearned income of as much as $3600 a month. Some amount of  assistance is actually going to married couples with a commanded income of $170,000.
  • The next lockdown will see more government handouts as as the country rushes toward Universal Basic Income (for all).
  • Defiance will be punished with difficulty getting food, gas other necessary items. Bank accounts will be closed. Society will treat these  as lepers.
  • Families, and friends will be more contentious over these issues than they are today.
  • As the next (man-made) round of virus hits, more of the elderly and those with existing medical issues (including obesity) will die. Eventually complications from the “vaccine” will begin to show widespread illness (and worse).
  • The healthcare system will become overwhelmed. Insurance carriers will go bankrupt.
  • The government will have then rollout Universal Healthcare.
  • In time our dollar will collapse.
  • China will then fulfill its goal of becoming the world’s dominate country by 2049.

Brian Sussman

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