Lies and Fear: Global Boiling

The Secretary-General of the United Nations is claiming we have entered, “The era of global boiling.” The Washington Post says this is the hottest weather in “thousands of years.”

It’s a lie.

Here’s the truth: NASA satellite data indicate that July 2023 was the warmest July in the satellite record, but that record only dates back to 1979 and there certainly were Julys before 1979.

This kind of messaging is part of a blatant scare campaign representative of a comprehensive, compulsory indoctrination program being employed via all popular communication mediums and in virtually every school in the developed world. It doesn’t matter how many predictions of doom fail to manifest, the false prophets spouting these lies are never held accountable.

This rhetoric is often referred to as brainwashing, greenwashing, or even mind control; psychologists refer to these methods of coercion as “fear appeals.”  Unprecedented pressure is being placed upon the masses to dogmatically believe that humanity is on the brink because of lifestyle choices dependent on energy derived from fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide, once taught to be life’s essential ally, is now the enemy. Our planet’s history of fluctuating temperatures has been blotted-out and replaced with sensationalized graphs that spike upward in the present like a red-hot skewer. Alternative deliberation is not tolerated.

Brian Sussman

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