Marxism in America? It’s closer than you may realize – Hidden Headlines Podcast #70

The tentacles of Marxism have patiently crept into virtually every American institution, just as Karl Marx hoped. Marx especially loathed the United States of America. He knew it would be the hardest nut to crack.


Because the foundation of America was laid down with a Biblical faith that acknowledged a single God as the creator of the earth and humankind. It was a faith that placed family first, beginning with covenant relationships between a husband and wife. It believed in teaching children to follow the Commandments of God as laid out in the Bible. It naturally lent itself to strong communities that allowed for rugged individualism, a hearty work ethic, and something that all people dream of: freedom. Marx knew that the local, state and federal governments of the US were established to protect such freedom for each and every individual.

Karl Marx’ ultimate goal was to destroy the USA. If he could do that, he knew he could bring the entire world into the clutch of communism.

You see,  Marx believed in something he referred to as The Laws of Transformation. I’ll summarize them like: some humans are born with more intelligence than others. As such, those with the better brains need to develop policies to assure that those with lesser intelligence to not gain the levers of power, in which case they will destroy the planet and wipe out humanity.  Keeping the dumb on the government dole, imprisoning those who speak of liberty, and killing those who espouse their faith in the God of the Bible are always options on the table.

Here are two quotes from Karl Marx to illustrate my point:

– “The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.”

– “The democratic concept of man is false, because it is Christian. The democratic concept holds that . . . each man is a sovereign being. This is the illusion, dream, and postulate of Christianity.”

Additionally, in his “Manifesto to the World,” Marx stated that international communism stood for:

– The abolition of religion.

– The overthrow of capitalism.

– The abolition of private property.

– The elimination of the family unit.

– The abolition of all classes.

– The overthrow of all governments.

– The establishment of a communist order.

So look where we arrived in America today:

– Bible-believing Christians are declared haters and bigots. Most churches in America avoid teaching Biblical morality.

– Students in our government funded educational system are taught secularism and that capitalism is immoral.

– Private property rights have been sorely diminished by the local, state, and federal laws. Property owners are ridiculed by the left.

– The family unit has been dismantled and transformed.

– Class warfare abounds.

– The nightly riots in America are all about government overthrow.

And the communists within are salivating.

My latest podcast addresses these issues and many more. It’s Episode #70 of Hidden Headlines: Faith, Family, Freedom. Listen on my website, Soundcloud, ITunes, or wherever to listen to podcasts.

God save America.

Brian Sussman

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