Nice Nails Never Fail

My mother has always been a great dresser. It’s probably because she grew up near poverty on a farm in Minnesota. Upon high school graduation she decided to hit the “big city” of Minneapolis and become a registered nurse. Once she completed her training she made the move to really get radical and took off for Los Angeles. There she met a flashy young guy who had just served in the Korean War, owned a deli/liquor store, and drove a nice car. It turned out to be true love. Mom and Dad were soon wed and I was born several years later.
Dad’s been gone for many years. Now Mom’s getting close to the end. The last throngs of cancer are closing in, but disease be damned!  This woman is ready for her heavenly reward.
She took a spill at home last Friday and while in the hospital they discovered that this 87-year old dynamo had been unknowingly battling liver and kidney cancer. Interestingly, she had just had her nails done prior to the fall. Today, as she lay in bed asleep, I decided to take a snap of her always lovely hands and those awesome nails.
If there is a prize for “Best Nails in Hospice,” she clearly wins.
The lesson: for the ladies, nice nails never fail.
For the guys: change your undies daily.
lol, and thanks for your prayers.

Brian Sussman

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  1. Susan Kneer says

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for posting your mom’s beautiful hands and lovely nails. Nice shot.
    I heard you mention prayers for your mom and how you are in Chicago and we could learn more on facebook. I don’t have a facebook so I was saddened not to know what happened. But then I found your explanation here; so sorry to hear the news! Aw, please take care of yourself and enjoy your mom time.
    Miss you.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Thanks, Susan.
      Mom is still hanging in, perhaps to see her brother who is arriving about noon today.
      She’s in a lot of pain, so we had to approve an extra dose of morphine for her.
      Best wishes to you,

  2. Kimberly Andrew says

    Love the photo and the article, mostly I love knowing that your precious mom is Heaven bound! Thanks for sharing an update. You and yours are in my prayers.

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