On this Veteran’s Day

To all those who have served, I thank you and respect you.

For those who saw combat, words can’t reflect my gratitude. Anyone can say, “I thank you for your service,” but I’d like to take it a step farther by stating, “I thank you for the mission you accepted.”

I especially want to thank my brothers, “JC” (a SEAL) and “BB” (a Green Beret) both of whom served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam-era; your faith in God has been an inspiration to me.

Also a shout-out to my dad, a WW2 vet (may his memory be a blessing). I’ll never forget the story told by my aunt Sara of how she drove Dad back to the L.A. Harbor so he could return to his ship after being on leave. Sara was like a mother to him, as their mom died when Dad was only 2-years old. Dad was shipping back out to the South Pacific and, unsure of whether or not they would ever see one another again, they both sat in her car and cried without saying a word. So intriguing, because I never saw him shed a tear during the 35-years I knew him.

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Brian Sussman

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