Our Twitter Problem

I’ve heard from ANOTHER person: when they clicked to “follow” me on Twitter they saw my posts for that session and then, following that read, were automatically eliminated as one of my Followers. They had to re-follow me on the next session.
This shouldn’t be surprise. I am the ONLY conservative radio host left in San Francisco. I also fill-in for national shows. I’ve written two bestsellers on (non) global warming, both very critical of Al Gore. I’m also one of those Jewish people who believes in the entire Bible (from Genesis to Revelation).
Would I be surprised if someone at Twitter (based here in SF) was trying to stifle my reach?
Maybe that’s why the number of people following me on Twitter hasn’t changed for YEARS.
Interestingly, the number of “likes” I have on my Facebook Fan Page have barely changed since my first book came out in 2010.
Maybe not. Give me a “like” if you haven’t before, maybe we can move the needle.
Most importantly: our future dilemma may be that once our God-fearing and God-honoring voices are silenced from the public square, how will we communicate en masse with one another?

Brian Sussman

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