Pastor Kicks Out Cross-Dresser, WWJD? Commentary

If this pastor was honestly motivated by the Holy Spirit to kick this cross-dressing man out of the church, then I won’t argue with what happened.  I also don’t know exactly how this person was dressed. Was it over-the-top or understated?  To me that would make a difference out of sheer respect for the Body of Believers present.  Modesty should be maintained.  That said,  I can share with you how we dealt with this situation in a fellowship that I am a part of.  

Here’s the story first:

A Chicago pastor who asked a man dressed in drag to leave a worship service because he was dressed like a woman stands by his actions after coming under fire.

A Facebook video of the Sunday night encounter shows Antonio Rocquemore of Power House International Ministries asking the unidentified man to step out into the aisle.

“Can you leave my church and go put on man clothes? And don’t come here like that no more,” Rocquemore can be seen telling the man in the video, posted by Christian James Lhuillier.

“I hold a standard in here. Whatever you do on the outside is your business, but I will not let drag queens come in here. If you’re gonna come in here you’re gonna dress like a man.”

The video has kicked up a flurry of debate both on Facebook and on Christian websites, including the Christian Post, that have posted the video.

More than 2,000 comments have been left on Lhuillier’s Facebook page alone, many criticizing the pastor, including “What happened to ‘Come as you are?’'” and  “You should be preaching and not concentrating on what the people are wearing.”

But Rocquemore has supporters, too.

“The church must stand for something,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

“Paul said to rebuke them openly,” wrote another. “Apostle Paul would had stopped the cross dresser from the parking lot.”

He was so right for what he said. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. Y’all allowing this ignorant in the house of Lord like it’s right. Heck no!!! This man is going to be blessed for what he did. I don’t care how none of y’all feel bc it was right,” wrote one supporter.

When we had our cross dresser (who was clearly male, posing as female, and dressed in some odd get-ups that were not provocative), who went by the name of Andrea (which we used), our congregation’s leadership (which included me) welcomed him as we would welcome anyone seeking the Truth.  I even gave him a ride home from the service once.  However we always referred to him with male pronouns (“I’ll drive him home)–and he never complained about that.  My wife was even more direct with him, and in a conversation told “Andrea” he was a very handsome man.  He actually thanked her for saying that.  After the better part of a year he stopped attending and we lost track of this poor, confused guy.  I hope that he has come to follow Messiah Jesus, because I know the Lord would be able to lovingly remedy his gender confusion.  
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