Praying for our Nation

No new post today. Praying. I know many of you are as well.

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Brian Sussman

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  1. Marc Sz says

    Holy smokes Brian are you completely tone deaf? Trump foments a riot in one of our most hallowed building. A building with democracy in action and you use a picture of Trump acting like he’s praying. Do you actually believe a man who can’t quote one verse or even hold a bible properly has ever prayed once? This man only cares about himself. If he cared at all about today it wouldn’t have taken him hours to make a statement. A statement that wasn’t on national TV. A statement that was only one minute long that started out with him complaining about the election and ended with him saying he loved these thugs.

    Our democracy was attacked today. Our capitol was sullied, a life was lost, and you use a terrible picture asking us to pray. Someday I hope you realize what a horrible human being Trump is.

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