Proof: how the environmentalists are AGAINST trimming trees near power lines

In my last post I noted that the environmental rules and regulations that PG&E has to follow when pruning trees and vegetation from electrical transmission lines mandate a four-foot clearance on each side of a line.

As I mentioned in the post (California Fires: DO NOT blame Climate Change or PG&E), the old regs used to require a ten-foot clearance.

Just found this little nugget from the Sierra Club website, which leans toward proving my point that the environmentalists do not want proper trimming, pruning, thinning, or clearing of our forests.  The article in question actually supports my theory that the environmentalists perceive  humankind as an invasive species.

Here’s the a portion of the article, by Amy Murre of  Stop Clearcutting California (not sure when it was published):

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is planning to clear cut wide swaths of trees surrounding power lines in an aggressive program that claims to address wildfire hazards as a part of their Fire Safety Zone work.

Though some vegetation trimming and line clearances are required by law, these new cutting plans far exceed those requirements. As PG&E itself states, “The California Public Utilities Commission requires PG&E maintain at least a 4-foot clearance between vegetation and power lines in high fire-threat areas year-round to help ensure electric reliability and public safety.” Under their new program, PG&E wants to enlist property owner consent to voluntarily remove all vegetation to a distance of 15 feet from each side of the power lines in the affected zones, and extend the clearing down to one foot above the ground.

PG&E owns more than 100,000 miles of transmission lines, which it regularly inspects and maintains by cutting and trimming trees. With the planned clear cut width of 30 feet, the path of destruction could be considerable.

Take note of this article, because generally when I post these damning propaganda pieces, the environmentalists quickly pull them off the web.  Read it here:


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  1. Thomas Flick says

    I’m afraid I don’t get what you’re for or against. Are for power companies and tree cutting companies to make more money by destroying (UNNESISSARILY) more and more trees around power lines (I’m now being told that is a Federal mandate to cut my trees 40 feet on either side of the power lines – that’ an 80 foot swath!), or are you against this wanton destruction of the planet?

    • Brian Sussman says


      If you were familiar with the body of my work you would know that I despise almost all of the foolish plans concocted by the environmentalist cabal and codified by the governments of California. Yes, the power companies and tree trimmers are making money off this scheme, but they did not create the insane rules.

      By the way, my vacation home in the Sierra is now virtually treeless because of these stupid regulations.


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