Shame! But Trump Warned Us!

As the war continues in Israel, there is much to be ashamed of.

First, the Biden administration’s tweet as the attack on Israel began: “stand down.” The tweet was removed, but the intentions of the administration were on full display.

Second, Sunday, after hundreds of innocent Israelis had been killed, executed, tortured and taken hostage, the Biden administration decides to have a private party for staff in the White House Rose Garden. The event would have gone unnoticed were it not for the live band playing at the event. Wrong time for a party!

Third, proving that our elite universities are bastions of radical thought and action, dozens of Harvard students groups signed a petition condemning Israel. The same type of petitions, no doubt, are circulating on campuses across America.


And, how could any Jewish person possibly be so deceived as to continue to support the current administration in D.C. and uphold as wonderful America’s elite universities.

Meantime, let us not forget that last month, Trump blasted the Biden administration for unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian assets in return for the release of five Americans.

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Brian Sussman

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