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Most of you don’t know Michael Mann, but you may know someone a lot like him. As I will illustrate, he is a very angry, extremely liberal guy, who, despite his PhD, relishes in bombastic and deceitful claims.

Michael Mann was also a principal figure in a number-crunching performance that eliminated the significance of something referred to as The Medieval Warm Period (MWP). By essentially erasing the record of this extended cycle of warmth on planet earth, which ran from about 950 to 1350AD, Mann was able to allow climate influencers like Al Gore claim, “The earth has a fever.”

I wrote extensively about this in my book, Climategate (2010). Mann’s subterfuge coincided with a leak of emails from the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia (CRU). The emails strongly suggest that there was a well-concerted effort to manipulate data in order to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.

In my upcoming book, Climate Cult, I make a very strong case to reveal how the activists pushing the climate agenda, which includes professors of atmospheric science—like Mann—possess a moral compass whereby the ends justify the means. In other words, they will do and say whatever it takes to defeat and destroy their enemy.

And who is their adversary? As I prove in the book, it’s much bigger than Big Oil or even capitalism. Their enemy are the inalienable (God-given) rights of life, liberty, and property ownership. Their champion is Marxism. While they may never consider themselves communists or socialists, they do admire the label, “progressive” (which is a more acceptable version of the same), and certainly believe the United States of America needs a complete reset in the name of a new era of government-aided social justice and equity—an  envisioned new age where winners and losers will be chosen by the levers of state and societal per pressure.

And, by the way, in their envisioned new world there is no room for objectors or naysayers.

So, if you’re a guy like Michael Mann, why not use your professional pulpit to manipulate data to fit your agenda? Why not scare the world into believing carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant that is destroying the planet. If this is about a new world order, then why not pull out all the stops?

Clearly illustrating my position, here are some very recent Tweets from Mann, who appears to be very angry as we turn into the new year).

January 3, repost:
You can’t negotiate with evil. You must defeat and destroy it.

January 2:
The American right is engaged in open war on democracy and decency, in close collaboration with Russia and an affiliated network of fascist & authoritarian regimes. They are a threat to you and all that is dear to you. You can destroy them at the ballot box this year.

January 2 repost:
If election deniers are elected we kill the USA.

January 2 repost:
I love it when trolls reply to my tweets. I hide their comment so nobody sees it, while lowering their twitter rating by muting, blocking (and often reporting) them. It’s one the small pleasures in life.

January 2;
The American right is engaged in open war on democracy and decency, in close collaboration with Russia and an affiliated network of fascist & authoritarian regimes. They are a threat to you and all that is dear to you. You can destroy them at the ballot box this year.

Added to that post: Let’s just say it. They are pure evil.

January 2 repost:
As we begin 2024, an election year, let’s remember that Donald Trump’s response to Covid led to the avoidable deaths of hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, friends, relatives, and fellow citizens.

January 2 repost:
You could cite hundreds of examples of this kind of thing, but one I frequently think about is “Climategate.” Right wing shitheads stole a bunch of emails from a climate research org, sifted through them, plucked sentences, phrases, and even individual words out of context

January 2 repost:
Trump and his followers are domestic terrorists and must be treated as such

January 2 repost:
And yes, there is empirical, peer-reviewed support for the conclusion that climate deniers, in general, are truly awful human beings:

January 2 repost:
“The obstacles to climate action are neither physical nor technological. At this point, they remain political.”

January 1:
“2023 was Earth’s hottest year, potentially warmest in 125,000 years”
(Brian here, See my blog post on this: ).

December 31:
“And so, it is 100% clear that there is this toxic package or bundle of right-wing ideology, nationalism, exceptionalism, racism, sexism, anti-immigrantism, and anti-climate-change that goes with it. That is what drives many of them”.

Dec 30 repost:
climate deniers (and the trollbot armies they employ) are a danger to society. block them, mute them & report them (a triple whammy for their account rating). Don’t engage with them.

December 30:
Ignorant narcissistic climate science denier (Trump) promotes slick science denialist (Morano)

You see, this is really asymmetrical warfare. It includes scientists, educators, influencers, celebrities, politicians, deep state actors, world leaders, corporations, and very wealthy. I actually pray for guys like Mann. That they will come to know the Truth, and allow the Truth to set them free (John 8:32).

Brian Sussman

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  1. Christian says

    Disgusting. I can barely read the words he exudes on Twitter. I feel like just being around him reduces my IQ. Willful disregard of the historical record. Thank God we have folks like you and others like Tony Heller to help us through these dystopic times!

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