The Climate Hustle

My friend Marc Morano, has released a fantastic film: The Climate Hustle, Part Two.

Marc is also the publisher of tremendous website dedicated to debunking global warming ( I’m recommending this film to you, not because I am in it, but because it will arm you with the truth to better understand the battle the USA faces against these aggressive, lying, hypocritical climate alarmists who desire socialism (and eventually communism).

Let me give you an example of what I’m referring to.

The World Economic Forum met in June 2020. At that gathering some of the planet’s most powerful leaders called for a “Great Reset” of the entire global economy. They clearly want to stamp out capitalism worldwide and go to socialism.   Of course, to do that they are using their favorite go-to: climate change alarmism.

After all, their most effective way to get what they want is to convincingly sell their plans by scaring an uninformed populace. These world leaders realize that average working folks have neither the time nor are able to make sense of the tons of scientific research papers on the subject. That’s because the climate is very complex, an ever-changing system with many inputs involving hundreds of factors.

Additionally, these rhetorical magicians will never mention the countless experts, including professors, hurricane experts, weather satellite gurus, and even the keepers of the global temperature, who vehemently disagree with their schemes.

And then there is the hypocrisy.

Like previous climate summits, the World Economic Forum events are lavish parties attended by celebrities, deep-pocketed business people and politicians, mostly flying in on private jets while having a feel-good time trying to convince everybody the world is about to end.

Meanwhile, climate realists are getting the facts out to the public and educating them along with exposing all the fraud behind climate change alarmism.           Here are just a few recent examples of how things have been changing for the better lately.

Michael Shellenberger, a 20-year former climate activist states: “On behalf of environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare”.

Good for him.

Then there’s the European Extinction Rebellion’s spokeswoman Zion Lights, who quit the climate scare movement to instead campaign for the benefits of nuclear power. She feels she was duped by the intentions of the movement.

 And lastly, there’s Michael Moore—the co-founder of Green Peace. He left the organization he co-founded some years ago after it was hijacked by socialists. He has a movie out entitled “Planet of the Humans,” in which he exposes the green-energy myths.

And then there’s the recent Gallup Poll taken between July 1 thru July 23, 2020. It revealed “Climate Change/Environment/Pollution” was near the bottom of the most important problems in the U.S.


Here’s the real deal: we red, white and blue Americans love our freedom, independence, and standard of living and are not willing to give it up for something as ridiculous as phony climate change. It’s just isn’t going to happen. We’re capable of taking care of ourselves, which goes against the mindset of the left.

As for the film, Climate Hustle 2, make sure you get two copies, one for yourself, and another to give away. It stars Kevin Sorbo and features yours truly. Just get on your computer and type in for details.

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

Brian Sussman

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