The “Hate Trump Swamp Show” Ramps Up, and I Know Why

The Mueller investigation found that neither Trump nor anyone in his campaign colluded with the Russians in 2016. Yet House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler, wants public hearings with present and past White House aides under oath to put on a national TV show trial to sway public opinion that Trump did collude.
Next, investigations of Trump by Nancy Pelosi include subpoenas issued to the IRS demanding Trump’s tax returns. In conjunction, the state of New York passed a law to gain access to Trump’s state tax returns–so they can give them Nancy.
Meantime, House committees want the files of Trump’s accountants. Subpoenas have been issued to lending institutions where Trump borrowed, such as Deutsche Bank, going back decades.
What is this really all about?
In my opinion,  it’s about Trump’s stance against abortion, standing for Israel,  reversing decades of environmental policies which are rooted in socialist theory, and allowing our military to take off their politically correct gloves and defeat ISIS.
And most of all? They fear Donald Trump will be RE-ELECTED in 2020.
As for the President? He may be the only man in the country with skin thick enough to withstand this daily slinging of swamp excrement.

Brian Sussman

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  1. Bruce A Frank says

    Isn’t it amazing that Donald Trump has done such an excellent job of accomplishing not only what he said he would but has accomplished what the Dems have been claiming, for nearly a century, couldn’t be done!

    God bless and protect Donald Trump and his family.

    • Brian Sussman says

      Spot on, Bruce.
      Upon being elected we could only pray that he would follow through with his promises.
      He’s proving to be a man of his word, and our domestic enemies are angry!

  2. Sam Peterson says

    This imperfect man is trying his best to keep all of his campaign promises. I never knew how real the “swamp” was, but every day it seems to be more and more apparent that it is very real.
    Keep speaking the truth, Mr. Sussman.
    Sam Peterson

  3. Jim O. says

    And the left just calls him (and us) names, like “racist.”
    They really are driven by the devil himself. It’s sickening.
    Jim O.

  4. Rich Mohr says

    Like all cockroaches and leaches, they fear discovery.
    I’m pleased to hear that Trump is declassifying reports that should prove once and for all that the democrat/socialist party are the enemies of ‘We the People’.

  5. Anh Vo says

    The truth will set you free. The democrap (you said it on air and I like it and have been using it) are afraid of the truth. Thus, they will never be free since they imprison themselves.

    A proud American with a flavor of Asian.

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