The Manufactured Climate Crisis

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“Climate change is a manufactured crisis.”

So says the former Chair of the Georgia Technical Institute’s Earth and Atmospheric Science Department, Dr. Judith Curry.

Like most in her field, Dr. Curry assumed that human-caused climate change was real until the “climategate” email scandal broke loose in 2009. At issue were thousands of emails and documents leaked by a hacker from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the UK. The documents revealed a shocking manipulation of data in an effort to make the temperature records appear as if planet Earth was experiencing the hottest weather ever due to the usage of fossil fuels. My 2010 book, Climategate, tell the whole story. Dr. Curry was shocked by the email leak, realizing the climate crisis had been manufactured.

Despite her esteemed position in the field of atmospheric science, she was quickly branded by climate change activists as a “denier.”

Episode 236 of the Brian Sussman Show Podcast features a lively interview with Dr. Curry. I believe you will find it fascinating.

You can listen on this website, or any audio podcast platform; or you can watch the interview on YouTube and Rumble.

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