The Planned Takeover of the Energy Grid, and YOUR Home

About the proposed takeover of PG&E:
I’m currently working on a book proposal that unmasks many of the radical environmentalists’ plans for America. One of those undertakings they’ve been plotting for years is the government takeover of the power grid.
As I describe in my former books, the federal ENERGY STAR regulations and the highly esteemed SMART technology are already in place to theoretically remotely control the major appliances in our homes (as well as many of the smaller electrically dependent devices like televisions).
Once the bureaucrats in Sacramento for example get hold of of PG&E’s reigns, during our common summer power shortages they will literally have the capability to turn-off items in your home that they believe are drawing too much electricity.
And guess what? The rank and file will rollover and accept it, just like they did recently during the power shutoffs, which occurred in the name of preventing forest fires (listen to podcast #46 at my website for more on that).
Again, this is all part of a longterm scheme concocted in the 1980s to eventually better control the masses.
Before some green liberals comment below on how PG&E is a for-profit monopoly, let me remind you that PG&E’s rates are 100% regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). As we’ve seen with other government takeovers, the rates will go even higher and the quality of service will decline when the bureaucrats have complete control.
I’ll hang-up on myself…

Brian Sussman

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  1. Dan FITZSIMMONS says

    Fitz in Reno. I’ve believed that’s what SMART was all about since the day it was first offered. One other thought, even though you’ve gone along with the “whistleblower” outing which I’m totally ok with, have you ever thought that maybe he, or she(?) won’t appear because the “it” here doesn’t exist. MAYBE a total fabrication by the left. This whole 3 plus year mess is what I’d label PROJECTION. All that the Clinton led dems have been doing, and getting away with for years, is exactly what they trying to pin on TRUMP.

  2. Dan FITZSIMMONS says

    Dang my text reader. Unintended Freudian(?) lead there. I put in Susso, and the darn thing addressed it to Saudi. Tech makes weird guesses trying to read our minds. Forget AI. Our God reigns!

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