The real question: why Jesus?

Let’s blow right through Madison Avenue’s favorite holiday and cut right to the chase: Why Jesus?

Because the God of All Creation chose a line of people–the Hebrews–to reveal his  character to the world.  However, rather than expect the non-Hebrew, gentile masses to “convert” to Judaism and adopt all of the customs, rituals (including animal sacrifices for the atonement of sin) and other odd accoutrements of the Chosen People, God had a plan.

He chose to come to earth in the form of a human to save humanity from the sin that filled the world.  God did this, fully knowing that this Savior, whose Hebrew name would be Yeshua (Jesus, or “God with us”) would be rejected by the very world he created.

This Son of God came and revealed himself exclusively to the Hebrew/Jewish people, proclaiming, “I am the way, I am the truth, I am the light.  No one comes to my father but through me.”

Many of God’s Chosen did believe, sadly many others did not.

Seen as a threat to both the religious establishment and the Roman government, Yeshua was eventually executed, but this too was a part of the plan.  His death would serve as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of all people–past, present and future.

And, proving that the Savior had power even over the grave, Yeshua rose from the dead and revealed himself as the long promised Messiah, in accordance with the Hebrew Scriptures.

By embracing his sacrificial death, believing that he indeed was raised him from the dead, and realizing that he will be coming back to someday establish an eternal Kingdom, all men and women from every corner of the world may be saved.

Why Jesus?

Because the God of Israel so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever shall believe in him shall have everlasting life.

I’m honored to have been born into a Jewish family, but even more awestruck that somehow my sinful eyes were opened to the Truth.  Thus, I must share this good news with anyone willing to hear.
That in mind, I conclude with a meaningful Jewish saying, “May your name be found in the Book of Life.”

Brian Sussman

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