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Once again, my home state of California has decided to go where no state has gone before.  This time a California lawmaker wants to ban vehicles powered by fossil fuels.  The theory is fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas (true) that causes global warming (false, just read my books, Climategate and Eco-Tyranny).

California Assembly member Phil Ting, a Democrat who is chairman of the chamber’s budget committee, plans to introduce a bill that, starting in 2040, would allow the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to register only so-called “clean” vehicles that emit no carbon dioxide, such as battery-powered electric cars.

Ting plans on introducing the bill as soon as possible.  If adopted, he and his green comrades contend they will be on the road to eliminate a huge chunk of carbon emissions from the transportation sector—the primary source of greenhouse gas in the U.S.—as part of the state’s quest to slash greenhouse emissions by 80 percent from 1990 levels, by the year 2050.

California already has a law on the books requiring 33 percent of all energy produced in-state comes from renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and hydropower).  Right now, the state is generating 35.8 percent in green energy, The breakdown looks like this:

  • Dams (Hydropower) 11.9%
  • Wind 9.1%
  • Solar 8.1%
  • Geothermal 4.4%
  • Biomass 2.3%

However, what the greenies in California won’t tell you is that 32 percent of the energy consumed in California is imported, mostly in form of natural gas and nuclear power.  When that figure is added to the equation only 25 percent of the energy consumed in California is renewable.

This is hugely important given that anyone driving an electric vehicle out here is actually “filling up” with 75 percent non-green, carbon emitting fuel.

What a joke!

But the joke gets better.

A Tesla sedan (it’s the official in-your-face car of Silicon Valley) traveling 65 miles per hour in optimum conditions (flat road, no wind, no heating or air-conditioning, windows up, sun roof closed, tires inflated to recommended pressure, 300-pound vehicle load, brand new battery) is consuming 24,000 watts of electricity.  That’s enough electricity to simultaneously power 24 average size, window mount, air-conditioning units (assuming 1,000 watts each).  That means just 100,000 Tesla autos would be consuming the same amount of electricity as over 2 million air-conditioners!

Given that there are over 20-million registered automobiles and non-commercial trucks in the state, where is California going to get all of that electricity from? We’ll have to start importing even more energy largely derived from carbon emitting natural gas, and nuclear power (which the eco-freaks hate)!

Brian Sussman

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